Sunday, May 15

Riding the Time Waves


Greetings, Steampunk friends! I am honored and oh, so happy to be back again to share with you!! My imagination ran rather wild in my excitement to be back, so here we go!

There are so many ways to travel through space, but what about space and time? Oh yes, I know Dr. Who does it in the TARDIS and I am a big fan of his! 
But what if there were other ways to travel? Three Victorian gentleman rode high into space on their balloon/rocket ship to ride the time waves rippling through space. Maybe you've heard how scientists have just recently discovered gravity waves in space? Maybe time waves are next? Can you imagine riding one of these huge Leviathans on those rippling waves? Maybe it's like surfing? It does look like an absolute adventure, that's for certain!!

So how did this get created you may ask? Hang on - here we go!

I had a bit of leftover watercolor paper that I had previously made, and this seemed perfect to stamp the Koi fish on.

My art journal seemed the perfect setting for this story, so I started with a stencil and some texture paste.

For some reason, once I started painting, I just totally used my fingers, no brush. First layer created with DecoArt's Snow White, Deep Turquoise and Canary.

I love metallics, so the second layer used DecoArt's Ice Blue Metallic paint and one of my favorites - Quinacridone Gold fluid acrylic.

I was trying to create a feeling of flow for my time waves.

Next, I sprayed with some gold spray, and then used the DecoArt Carbon Black mister to tone it down a bit.

Close up detail - I am really liking this!

Next step, time to play with some hammered metal and burnt copper embossing powders, and I totally love the results!

At first, I had thought to make this into a hot air balloon, but as I looked at the shape I started to see an air rocket instead, so the metals were perfect for this. I mean the three adventurers needed some kind of transportation to get to the time waves, right?

Some close ups of the Time Leviathans...

I hope I've inspired the adventurer in you to create your own project and join us in the May "Anything Goes" challenge at Sandee and amelie's Steampunk Challenges!


  1. This is sooo sooo fantastic and magical, Maura!
    Love your three time travellers and how they ride their koi! Such an imaginative project and the story it tells is just so poetic! Love this!

    So so happy to have you back with us!
    Big hug,
    Claudia xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Claudia!! I am happy to be back!!

  2. Awesome Maura, what a wonderful idea and inspiration, soo creative and gorgeous!!

  3. Talks out being back with a BANG! This is so fun and imaginative! Awesome sauce waves and your gentlemen are perfectly proper placed on their fantabulous koi! So happy you are back with SASPC! Hugz! ~Niki

  4. Waouh ! amazing Maura !!!!!!!!! I love your creation. Welcome back to SASP.

  5. Wow - so FUN. LOVE your imaginative creative adventure Maura! j.

  6. This is such fun! I love the gent riding the Koi. The Deco Art waves are fabulous too.


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