Wednesday, June 15

Diving Deep into the Kraken's Lair

I am so glad you stopped by for our June steampunk challenge "Anything Goes" which totally allows you to use your imagination and go in any steampunk/industrial direction of your choosing! Hope you will join us this month!

I have always been fascinated by the story of Captain Nemo and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and then when I started reading stories about the Kraken, well my imagination really took off and this was my inspiration for "Diving Deep into the Kraken's Lair". 

What is steampunk without some good rust? And if it is something found in the deeps of the ocean, it needs to be really crusty, right?

I created my background with a nice heavy sheet of watercolor paper and streaked it with Rich Expresso Metallic, Deep Turquoise Satin and Prussian Blue Hue fluid acrylic, just using a piece of cardboard. I also used these same colors to paint some Tyvek, which I will talk about in just a minute.

I wanted to add some highlights so went in with more of the Rich Expresso Metallic and my fave Quinacridone Gold. Love how the cold press watercolor paper has such a lovely texture. Next I went in with the Whirlpool stencil by Andy Skinner.

I tried something brand new to me, and I love, love, love how this turns out! I tried using Tyvek for the first time, recycling an envelope that came in the mail. 

I started by painting the Tyvek with the same colors I used on the background, and then heated it up with my heat gun. I was fascinated by the wonderful bubbly texture that started forming, and love how the metallic adds a unique texture and shimmer.

Well, I couldn't stop with just one, so painted a couple more bits, this time with Rich Expresso Metallic, Quinacridone Gold, Yellow Green Light and Prussian Blue Hue fluid acrylics.

This time, I heated it longer so it shrunk more...and I think it looks like gold, because after all a Kraken should have some treasure buried deep in its lair, right? Oh, I love it!!

Time for the "Kraken." I liked him just like this, but of course, had to play.

I think I can make him better with some Prussian Blue Hue and Copper Kettle Metallic Lustre. What do you think?

Time to lay my pieces out and see what I think. My biggest dilemma was getting the Tyvek pieces to fit together in a pleasing way. 

I mounted my piece on some blackboard so I could have parts overhang. That Kraken is certainly hiding in the deep blue ocean amongst some roiling currents. He is poised to protect his hoard of gold treasure from those deep sea divers coming in.

Can you imagine diving into the deeps with just one of these helmets to keep you breathing? What would you do if YOU came face to face with the Kraken? Hmm, maybe they would be better off just diving for sponges and leave that treasure alone!!

Ocean whirlpools, rusty parts, an old ship's wheel sunken into the deep blue, all of these part of the Kraken's domain.

"Diving Deep into the Kraken's Lair"

I hope you have enjoyed my little deep sea adventure into the lair of the Kraken. Get your mojo going and please join us this month over at SASPC for our challenge. Happy summer everyone, stay creative and keep your steampunk imagination humming! 

 Thank you so much to our sponsors who help us keep the gears turning here at SASPC!

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  1. This is wicked cool, Maura. #80sSlang Love the colors and the texture and the story.

  2. BEYOND INCREDIBLE Maura. Wow. Definitely looks like 1000 Leagues Under the Sea - deep, dark, and dangerously alluring! Your post was like reading a wonderful story - such a delightful way to start the day. Truly a FABULOUSLY CREATIVE- RICHLY GLORIOUS Artist Work. j.

  3. This is gobsmackingly brilliant and STUNNING! I have wanted to play with tyvek but am waiting for a package to arrive so I can. Hehe! Your Kraken would give anyone a fight for his gold. Hopefully the divers stay away and just look from afar. Love the colors and the rusty goodness! Wowzers! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  4. Wow, this is amazing! Love it!

  5. Absolutely fabulous, love the colours and all the wonderful textures. I love tyvek and use it a lot in textile work.


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