Thursday, June 9

Wanderlust 2016 Prayer Flags

Kasia's class recently in Wanderlust was about prayer flags, what they mean, how they are used and how to make one. This project really spoke to my heart. We lost our little dog who has been such a big part of our lives very recently. I knew I wanted to make prayer flags and hang them up near to where we buried him. I hope he gets the messages from us, and may our wishes travel the world.

I chose to watercolor the words and designs onto the tag for the base.

I made each tag with lots of layers...papers, fabric, lace, charms, and I knew I wanted to hang fabric strips in-between. I have a number of cloths I've used with painting, and I thought these would be great to tear into strips and use.

My mixed media prayer flags

Hung up outside to slowly change in the weather and send our wishes outward. I am hoping the birds and critters will take some from this over time to carry off and build nests or for their homes. I really am curious to see the changes.

Thanks Kasia for the perfect class at just the right time!


  1. Finally got a chance to visit your blog. You're spirit emanates from the prayer flags. How healing for you and those they touch.

    1. thanks so much for coming over Suzanne! Kasia's class on prayer flags came to me and my family at the right moment, and you really see that.


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