Thursday, July 14

A Steampunk Bag for A Vintage Journey!

I am so excited to be the guest designer today at A Vintage Journey! I truly am feeling honored. I would love for you to head over there also and take the journey with me.  The theme this month at AVJ is monochromatic, hosted by the lovely and talented Tracy. I have not done much creating in monochrome, so this was a challenge for me also, but I dug right in and created a steampunk art bag in lovely blues.

Let me go through the steps with you. I wasn't even sure the paint would stick, so I am really happy with the results. I'll have to start using it and see how it holds up.

I have a number of mesh bags that I use to store projects and materials, so this is the base I used.

First step was to spread a fairly thick layer of gesso over it and let it dry. My thought was the grit in the gesso would help adhere the paint to the plastic. 

I painted over the gesso with a blend of the deep turquoise and peacock teal, then went over it with the ice blue metallic. I laid the whirlpool stencil on the paint, and used a baby wipe to remove some of the color.

I dug into my stash of mark makers to add another layer of paint and depth.

For that, I used my objects and stamped them using lamp black and snow white. I really liked the abstract design and could have stopped here.

But no, time for more blue!  I went over everything with my fluid acrylics - Prussian blue and cobalt teal hue. Oh, isn't that lovely?

Next step, bubble wrap! I love stamping with bubble wrap, and mixed some black and white in to change the hues.

No photo, but I rubbed some areas with paints to blur the background, and then stamped using a permanent black ink.  I also stenciled several areas to create a layered look. My challenge was to create layers by using the paint, stamps, and stencils, since I couldn't build out 3D in order to use my bag. I did not resist adding some metallic splatters, and used the rich espresso for that.

Some steampunk details...

I hung a key and some gears from the pull tab.

I love steampunk, and now I have this great art bag to carry my things in!

Thanks so much for joining me today! 


fluid acrylics - Prussian Blue hue, Cobalt Teal hue
acrylic paint - Peacock Teal, Deep Turquoise, Snow White, Lamp Black
Metallics - Ice Blue, Rich Expresso
stamps - Andy Skinner Steampunk (Stampendous)
stencils - Andy Skinner Whirlpool and Industrial Elements

Mesh bag, white gesso, permanent black ink, charms


  1. Such a fantastic bag and such a clever idea! I would never have thought of adding gesso the the mesh bag, but it's wonderful to see how well it worked! Beautifully done, and what a great bag you have now to store your supplies!! Thank you so much for being one of our guests at AVJ!

  2. This is just fabulous. Love your beautiful bag, what an incredible project.

  3. What a fabulous project Maura, love all that wonderful mark making and the steampunk details, wonderful! Thanks for joining us at A Vintage Journey and for being our guest designer, Deb xo


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