Thursday, August 18

Wanderlust 2016: Rockin' the Art Journal, Mistakes and All!

I found some time today to work on catching up a bit more with my Wanderlust class. I have found this year long class to be one of the best investments of my money and time, and now that I know Kasia and Jamie are working on Wanderlust 2017, I need to start saving up, because I definitely want to take it again! 

So, let's start with my mistake first. I was all set to make the two page art journal spread with a pocket, like Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door did, but I cut the wrong page. That meant I either had to use up more pages in my book (and I am starting to worry I will run out of pages before class ends), or go with a one page spread. I chose to make it a one page spread. I really should have heeded that old adage about measuring twice and cutting once, and I might have realized my mistake. 

Lots of distress inks to build up the base...

Stamping with Dylusions white spray - doesn't that make a cool effect, almost ghost-like.

Next, more stamping... I am using the few stamps I have from Darkroom Door, but I really love so many of theirs, I need to start adding some more to my collection!

Now to add the top layer...

And a bit of shine...

Here, I've tucked in a tag to show the pocket. I am not sure yet what I want to add into the pocket, but I like this so far!

My second page I worked on focuses on the art journal prompt about what I like about me... 
I am a positive and optimistic person - my glass is always half full, or more. I do love color, and somehow when I think about what I like about me, it is the optimistic person that I am, and my love for color, so I tried combining them here. 

I stamped my design first using stamps from Snapping Monsters and Paper Artsy, then I hand lettered my saying. Since this was about color, I grabbed the chance to use my new White Nights watercolors from Russia (I really love the richness of color they give). In my first thoughts of my page, I was planning to leave a lot of it open and white, but somehow the stamps just led me astray! 

Optimism lives a colorful life - and I like that about me.

I really am inspired by my Wanderlust class, and I hope this may have jumpstarted a bit of your creativity too. Thanks for stopping by!


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