Tuesday, September 20

Wanderlust 2016 Inspiration in a Bag!

I just went through a wonderful class with Roben-Marie Smith in my Wanderlust 2016 online course. She taught us how to make this awesome artsy bag from a paper shopping/gift bag. I spent a rainy Sunday working on this and a bit of Monday, and I am so happy with my new bag! Wonder what I will use it for?

I'll share a few photos of how I transformed a gift bag like this into this uber cool pouch!

I started with a neutral bottom layer with old book pages and things, then added paints and images I cut out from papers I had made, or scraps leftover from projects.

This will give you an idea of the early stages...and yes, I did have to clean the paint off of my iPad a few times!

Then, I went in and added some awesome images stamped on book paper. My friend, Andrea at Snapping Monsters designed these stamps, and I just love finding ways to use them! Here is a link to her Etsy shop.

Some stenciling, lots of doodling, and many layers and the sewing machine later....here is my bag! I really like the neutral additions to all that color. I can also see I've sewn a bit uphill just like when I write :) ah well, I say just embrace the imperfections!


Now for the question - what will I use it for? hmmm...not sure yet, but I can't wait to try it out! 
Wow, I really went for the bright colors, and they just make me happy!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've learned in my Wanderlust class - I have had so much fun and learned a lot from a great array of teachers, so I've already signed up for 2017.
Have a grand day!


  1. This turned out so beautifully, Maura!
    I love Roben-Marie's art and it is always a treat for me to see how her style and techniques look on her workshop attendants' pieces (as I love comparing interpretations of all those out there who do fabulous workshops).

    I would be proud too if I had done such a wonderful piece of mixed media art!

    Claudia xxx

    1. Thanks so much Claudia! This was my introduction to Roben-Marie, and I love, love what she does! I had so much fun with this one!

  2. Hi, your recycled bag project is fabulous! I love all the bright colours and patterns! That was a great class by Roben Marie (I'm doing Wanderlust also, and have signed up for next year again too!) But then, I've enjoyed practically all the classes. I've started my paper bag creation but it is only half finished. Thanks for showing yours. It is lovely.

    1. Thanks so much RosA! Like you, I am getting so much inspiration from all of the classes! I have many more to go back to and work with, but this time I had fun jumping right in. I'll be looking for yours!

  3. Oh wow! I'm speechless!!! Your creativity is incredible!!! i love so much how can be able to transform simple things in masterpieces!!! <3


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