Friday, October 21

Wanderlust 2016 - Autumn Trees

I've been playing this afternoon in my Wanderlust class with chalk pastels for the first time. Isn't this a lovely set my hubby helped me pick out, all fresh and ready to use. Yep, that's "me" in my craft space taking my class!

I use these large sheets of drawing paper behind my work when I spray or paint sometimes, and this one was good and filled up with paints and sprays, so I thought I would try the pastels on this.

And...this is what I ended up with after a layer of chalks, white gesso, black gesso and another layer of chalks. Bold and bright! Just fun to let go and play!

Then, I decided to do a page in my art journal by cutting out pieces from the large sheet I made and doing a collage. Doodled at the bottom, shaded, added white and words, and thought I was done....

...but then I decided to add some more white dots. If I had tried to create this on my page from scratch, I don't think I would have ever come up with this. I am learning to create my own papers and use them to collage with like I did here. 

Thanks for the inspiration Kasia!


  1. So beautiful...what a fabulous work of art!

  2. This looks superb! I didn't realize it as done with chalk pastels on top!


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