Thursday, December 15

Wanderlust 2016: Coming to Closure

My art journal for my Wanderlust 2016 is now completely finished!! YAY! 

And, here is my view from my work area...nothing like playing with paints and stuff on a blustery winter day. I am hearing wind chills tonight of up to -29F, or should I say down to...a good night to snuggle in and stay warm. 

I added in these pages since my previous post. 

Here it is chock full of ideas and my art!

I had to do the cover, of course to finish off my book. When I looked back at the work I did this year, the one thing that really stood out was color, color, color! So, of course I went with some bold colors on my cover. 

Having fun with stencils and colors....

More stenciling,  adding in some stamping with our Everything Art sets, toning it down a bit on the front...

the back...

Tone it down further with black spray and a white shimmer spray, then doodled with the black and white pens. 

I liked the idea from several classes to wrap fiber around the book to hold it closed, and a present from a friend was perfect for this.

Since my Dylusions journal already had an elastic band to close it, I just decided to wrap the elastic with the fabrics and tie on a few. 

Cover is complete!!

And so the adventure begins when I open my book....

2016 is done! In just a couple of weeks 2017 will begin, and I am getting ready for a new Wanderlust adventure!!

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