Wednesday, January 25

Wanderlust 2017 Mandala

I am happily back in my Wanderlust class again for the year. 2016 was great, and I am really looking forward to what this year will bring! I was inspired by the class by Mary Anne Wangerin to try and paint my own mandala (of sorts). It also gave me a chance to try out some techniques with my DecoArt paints. 

It's been pretty overcast and grey for much of the winter here, and that has me reaching for bright, cheery colors.

Getting messy with the I am working on top of a "junk" sheet of paper that I use to spray on and wipe paint off onto. These often turn into papers that I can later use in projects, and are a mix of paints and mediums I would have never knowingly put together. 
My page is going into my Wanderlust 2017 journal, but since I knew this would be a messy process, I cut a piece of watercolor paper to work on separately, and will put it in once dried. 

Next step, adding some drips!

Next color layer and some stenciling with white, using Andy Skinner's Shedded stencil.

More drips...

Next I adhered tissue wrap and vintage paper bits with Matte Medium.

I did a lot of finger painting over the papered layer, then pulled out one of my favorite DecoArt stencils - Whirlpool with Carbon Black. May I just say, that the paint is still on my hands in spots several days later, and that is after washing, washing and being in the pool. Sometimes, I do wonder what people think when I am out in public with painty hands. (not that I really care, lol)

Adding some stamped images with Andy Skinner Steampunk set, and Archival ink.

I doodled and added in words and put it into my journal.

Time flows onward...


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