Saturday, May 6

Strolling through the "Hood"

Hello Friends!
Starting May 10, there is a wonderful challenge for this next month with Nathalie Kalbach in celebration of her new book! 

So, how well do you think you know your neighborhood? I bet once this challenge is finished, you will be looking around you with a new lens. I am sure we live in all different types of neighborhoods, so it will be fun to share and learn a bit more about where we live. I am planning to join in the fun as much as I can, and I hope you will too!! It's all free, and will be a whole lot of fun! Let's help Nat celebrate her new book!

Here's a description from Nathalie about the challenge, and the LINK to head to the classroom! Head on over and sign up for free!

"What is the Stroll Challenge? Go on an Artful Adventure with us! Find inspiration by taking a “Stroll Through The Hood” and observing the details of the world around you. Anyone can join in on the fun by following the list of daily prompts. Each day you will have a new word to inspire you. Go for a stroll outside, snap a photo of something that you feel illustrates the word of the day, and build a collection of visual material to inspire your artwork, art journaling, and mixed media projects. Along the way you’ll discover things about your Hood that you may have never noticed before, and you’ll learn to find inspiration just outside your door. Use #ArtfulAdventures on social media and share your photos and the projects you were inspired to make. Join the FREE classroom for several tutorials, projects from Surprise Guests, comments from fellow Artful Adventurers, and chances to win copies of Nat's new book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media."

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