Wednesday, July 19

Another Blast to the Past on the Blogoversary Celebration!

Sharing another

Some of my favorite projects I've done with my sister Sheila are our long distance projects. We either start with the exact same things, or the same idea, work hundreds of miles apart, and then share what we created. I thought it would be fun to look back on a few of these! 

Altered wood Ikea boxes... read about it HERE.

Maura's side 1

 Maura's side 2
 ( since there were two drawer ends, and I could switch them around, why not?)

Sheila's - I like how she painted them too!

Altered Tray about it HERE.

Sheila altered an ATC tray and filled it with her soap collection. 

Maura altered a Receipt Tray in Steampunk style.

Paper Bag Album: read about Maura's HERE and Sheila's HERE.

Maura's painted canvas cover

Maura - inside peek

Sheila's cover

Sheila's - inside peek

And of our favorites which we have repeated - our December Dailys! Read about it HERE.

Sheila's cover

Pocket page - can you tell we love Starbucks?

Full page photo (I love this idea!)

Maura's chunky style (I always seem to fill them up!)

Cover detail - flowers I made from fabric

Page detail

I hope you have enjoyed this Blast to the Past! 
What do you think about long distance projects? 
How do you share with friends and family who live far away?

Thanks so much for joining in the 8 year celebration - you are much appreciated!!


  1. 8 years ! congrats, happy birthday

  2. I love your different takes on these projects! I share my projects with others in my blog ( and in different FB-groups.

    1. You have such a lovely and unique style, Gunvor! There are now so many FB groups to share with, I do a few but can get overwhelmed too. Thanks so much for your many lovely comments!


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