Friday, September 1

Quothe the Raven

We are approaching the season that so many of my friends wait for all year - Halloween! I was inspired to make a tiny canvas 3"x3" for the celebration.
Quinacridone Gold and Yellow Oxide and the Distressed Digits stencil. I'm using the new Americana Premium paints, which are great! I love having the option of the thicker paints.

Next, I stamped the skeleton on the background from Andy Skinner's newest stamp set Birds and Bones.

I layered on more color with the Baroque stencil and Cadmium Red. I was aiming for the face to be more noticeable, but it really is more of a pattern.

Green Gold is next with the stencil. This hue is fast becoming a favorite!

I had leftover paint on my craft sheet, so I dabbed it onto a scrap of book paper to use for stamping the raven.

I rubbed in some Burnt Umber to tone it down. Sometimes, the finger is the best tool!

Ultra Matte Varnish to attach the papers and seal the canvas.

DecoArt products I used on this.

I added a thick layer of clear crackle, and then patiently waited for it to dry. I love the huge crackle pattern. I rubbed in some Payne's Grey to bring out the crackle. Oh yes, I am liking this!

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins...after all the veil between the worlds opens on Samhain or Halloween!

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you've enjoyed my tiny canvas.

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