Sunday, May 20

Playtime with DecoArt Pouring Medium!

I had so much fun this afternoon trying out the new Pouring Medium that DecoArt sent me - Thank you!!
It is very easy to use, mix and pour. I haven't tried the topcoat yet, but once these are fully dry, I will.

I decided to start out using the Americana paints where I can mix paint and pouring medium 50/50. I'm using Peacock Teal, Bright Salmon and Slate Grey. A tray to work on, plastic cups, skewers (don't know where my popsicle sticks are), and some mini canvases and I am set to play!

Mixing and playing and pouring, oh my! It's fun to keep tilting the canvas and changing the pattern. The hard part is figuring out when to stop. I also tried using a comb tool and even shaking the canvas to see what would happen - be careful if your paint is still pretty wet, or you will have it all over.

Then I decided I wanted to add in some white. I'm using my DecoArt Fluid Acrylic Titanium White and a skewer stick, the pointy end. My thought was to add some white dots, but what I got was so much better!

As long as the pour is still pretty wet, when you add a dot of white it spreads out into these beautiful organic patterns - I love it! 

I did this one first and the paint was the wettest. 
It's my favorite out the the ones I made today!

The pour was drier, so the white dots don't spread as much. Rather chaotic, but it could become a background.

On this one, I used a comb like you do when marbling paper, and I like how it turned out. I will definitely give this technique another go!

I love the swirly, organic patterns of a pour. I am looking forward to trying it on larger pieces and different color combinations.

Now I have some really cool backgrounds to play with! I bet you see some of these again in future projects. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help!

DecoArt has some introductory short videos HERE if you are interested in learning more. 


  1. Great results, Maura! Love your spreading-dots-technique!
    Claudia x

  2. These are awesome, Maura! Thanks for sharing your experimental techniques. Love the white dots!!

  3. What fun, love .the dot loving the pouring. it is addictive. Thanks for sharing.


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