Friday, June 1

Steampunk with an Island Vibe

Hello steampunk friends! Welcome to another month of our steampunk/industrial challenge at SASPC! I hope you will be able to play along with us this month!

I just received some of DecoArt's new Pouring Medium to try out, and I can easily see how addictive this can become. It makes wonderful backgrounds that you can take in any direction. This time, I chose to work in pink, blue and grey and make this for a friend who needs an extra boost, adding a steampunk twist with the tiny light bulb and gears. 

I started by mixing the paint and pouring medium in separate cups. 

Then, I poured a layer of each color into an empty cup, put the canvas over the top of the cup, turned it over and let it pour out. Very messy, so be sure to have a tray or something underneath, and prop your piece up on something. 

I let it partially dry, then added dots of white with the pointy end of a skewer. The wetter the paint is, the more the white spreads out. My colors have kind of an island life vibe...

...after all, isn't steampunk everywhere?! 
May the gears turn the cogs to light your bulb so you can shine brightly!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will join us and make a piece for our Steampunk/Industrial 
challenge. Thanks to our awesome sponsors who keep the gears turning at SASPC!



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