Friday, July 20

New Release with Nathalie Kalbach!

Nathalie Kalbach has a new release with Rubbermoon today! Both sets are wonderful circle designs, one mini size (6), and one set is full size (6), and both come with a topper stamp to turn them in to ornaments! How cool is that?! 
You can check out all the details and fun creations with the new stamps HERE.

I started by using water color and stamping the Park Blvd stamp onto the paper with ink.

Next, I added some detail with a gold pen, then cut them out and adhered lace in between the "sandwich" of the two pieces.

Park Blvd ornament ready for the Christmas tree or as a present topper.

Next, I got out my gel plate and yellow, orange and red paint, and started stamping and printing.

I used the Grove Street large and small circles for this card, and wrote around the bold design with a white pen.

I used the Grove Street small stamp for this card with it's repeating design. Then I wrote holiday song titles to work as the hangers. 

I printed into the paint left on my gel plate with the Grove Street stamp, laid the watercolor paper down on top and printed this card. Then I went around the design doodling over it with black pen, and wrote the Hello.

 I think you can see how versatile these new stamp sets are!! I only used a couple of the designs from the set, and will be playing with the rest soon. 

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out Nat's new release on her blog HERE.


  1. Very cool, Maura! I love the way you did writing for the ornament hangers!


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