Saturday, June 1

The Flying Top Hat

Welcome steampunk fans to our June challenge at Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges! So happy to have you aboard...

The Flying Top Hat!

Lily Featherduster turned to Captain Artemis Quill and loudly screeched, er, proclaimed..."I thought you said this top hat could fly!" Captain Artemis turned to Lily, his current paramour, who hopefully  would still fit that role after this voyage, and reassured her that as soon as the propellers engaged, he would have lift off. He'd be tootled if he couldn't get the olde rusty Top Hat to fly, and the debtors would be lining up to take her apart and sell the metal and bolts to the scrapyards where they built very odd machines, if you asked him. Luckily, this time when he wrenched the giant pin attached to the propellers, there was a grinding noise, and they began to turn, faster and faster, until the Top Hat began to rise. "Oh, oh, oh, this is SO exciting" exclaimed Lily, "now get us into that race, Artemis!! "
...and so begins the voyage of the Flying Top Hat.

Ok, folks, as you can see my mind ran away with my imagination!
I painted my bird and hat with the fluid acrylics, which work really well because they have transparency.

I decided to just layer the colors I already had out onto the chipboard.

After I pieced everything together onto the tag, I was looking for more texture, so pulled out some of the Emerald Creek embossing powders. 


Stamps and chipboard

A much happier Lily and Artemis, now that the Top Hat is flying.

Perhaps a long voyage is next?

I hope you've enjoyed my project for our June challenge and the little story I told too. We would love to have you join us this month!

Many, many thanks to our sponsors, DecoArt and Boozybear Chipboard, who truly keep things turning for us!



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  1. What fun Maura, I love how the Captain and Lily are prepared for the flight with their monocle and goggles. Beautiful elements used and so rich in texture. Fabulous creation. Thank you for the inspiration. Creative wishes Tracey.


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