Wednesday, January 1

Out of This World!

Hello Steampunk friends! Welcome to a new year...can you believe it's already 2020?! We are so glad to be back with you again this year at SASPC, and give many thanks to you our awesome players, and our fantastic sponsors, DecoArt and Glenda from Boozybear Chipboard!! 
2020, here we come...time to use some NEW STASH!!

When we think of steampunk, we often focus on an alternate universe in the Victorian age...but what if we imagined a collision of that age with a fantastic future? Just think of some of the amazing and imaginative stories by authors like Jules Vern, who wrote of ideas way beyond the time they lived in. I found this postcard in my stash, of what looks like two alien dinosaur-like beings controlling a rocket. This got me thinking about a steampunk airship following a wormhole in space to end up in a fantastic world, way beyond anything they ever dreamed of seeing...

Captain Herodotus, we are coming out of the wormhole... Holy Grinding Gears!!! Look, there's a rocket blasting off in front of us....Avoid! AVOID!!! Wait, what is that down there controlling the rocket? I've never seen anything like them!! Where in the Steampunk Universe are we?? Is this the future?

Out of This World

Well, between finding the postcard and getting bags of gears and metal embellishments for Christmas, I knew it was time to bring this idea out of my imagination. 

I started with a small canvas, several blues, and a gear stencil. I wiped away some of the paint with a baby wipe to add some subtle gears. 

I toned it down a bit with another blue layer, working on getting it closer to the blue on the postcard. 

Dimension, I need dimension! I mixed in some blue and black to the dimensional effects. Usually I use the effects and then paint over it, so this time I experimented and it worked beautifully. 

I scratched a bit across the center, along with the stenciling.

I added a bit of the leftover mixture on the chipboard pieces, and added a bit of black with a dry brush...I like that mix down there. 

Gears of course, I need to add gears! and then I thought of using microbeads to add a feeling of speed to the ships. 

I played around with the airship and several layers of color until I ended up with this. Added chipboard and gears and microbeads.

I don't know about you, but I love layering up a mix of gears!



Love using my DecoArt products with steampunk projects...

Tim Holtz and AALL and Create stencils...

Time to fly out of this world!

Let's start off the new year with some steampunk, what do you say? I hope I've inspired you to play with us this month...maybe you got some fun steampunk embellies too that you can play with.

Many, many thanks to our awesome and generous sponsors, DecoArt and Boozybear, who keep the airships flying around here!

 I'm looking forward to starting another year with you all at SASPC! Maura




  1. What an amazing Steampunk canvas! I love how you incorporated the postcard and the Captain Herodotus story behind the design - perfect 😁. Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a Happy New Year filled with peace, love and happiness! Hugs, Jo x

  2. Jo, thanks so much for your lovely words, they mean a lot to me! Happy New Year!! Maura


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