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Christmas in July Crop

a.k.a. - Maura's cropping adventures...

I think this crop has to be one of my favorite ones of the year! It is so much fun for those of us in the north used to a cold, white Christmas, to "celebrate" the holiday in July. It certainly gives all of us crafters a head start on preparing for the holidays. "Imagine" and "Believe" snowmen were our mascots for the crop. My friend Michelle, made them in class on Tuesday, while I was away at a conference. I love how they turned out! Thanks Michelle for making "Imagine" for me!

Tara and Tiffany at Captured Moments put on the world's best crop!! Once a month, they sponsor a themed crop. Due to popular demand, the crop hours have an optional extension from the usual 12 hours to 15 hours now, so all the avid, or perhaps I should say obsessed? scrapbookers out there, can scrap, or stamp, or work on whatever craft they choose for a fun filled day. The day starts with a delicious brunch, and believe me, these sisters can put together some of the best meals I have ever tasted! No on ever leaves one of their crops hungry. Check out the Captured Moments blog to see some of the details from their crops.

Each crop comes with a gift of scrapbooking papers and a little something extra, and a ticket. During the day ticket numbers are called out and you get to choose a prize from their tree. Everyone's name also goes into a "hat" and there is also a drawing for the big prizes - often a sneak preview of some of the new product the store will be carrying. Christmas in July crop is a bit different. Instead, we each got to choose a wrapped gift from the tree (in the Christmas tree photo, Tiffany is on the left, and Tara is on the right getting the gifts ready, oh, and the brunch remnants...) and we had a "chinese auction." The presents were flying out of people's hands! Sheree's opening hers while Colleen eagerly looks on to see what she won. The special grand prize was a free 12 hour crop!! I won some cool Cosmo Cricket chipboard shapes and the Christmas die cuts to fit them - they'll be put to good use! Thanks T and T!!

I've learned through experience, that preparation
for a crop is vital! When I first started going to crops, I took everything! So, beyond hauling it in and out of your car and the store, I found I spent
a lot of time just going through all the stuff I
brought. Plus, I am usually sharing a ride with my scrapbooking buddies Michelle and Tracey, and when you see what 3 of us can load in.... you have to learn to consolidate. Here's my scrapbook space at the beginning of the crop - tools, paper trimmer, mat, baby wipes, my rolling organizer, and one of the necessities for a 15 hour sit, is a cushion! And there are people out there (hmm... husbands, children...) who think we can't scrapbook for 15 hours - hah!

One of the best ways I have found to prepare is
putting together my own "kits" for what I want to
work on. I use large "ziploc" bags, and fill them with all the materials - paper, photos, ribbon, brads, stickers...whatever I plan to use on that project or page, other than the tools such as punches or stamps that may be part of it. Then, it's easy at the crop to pull a bag of stuff out to work with, and I pretty much have everything I need right there - no more digging.

My work space generally gets messy while I am working - this photo is pretty mild. I have observed when Sheila and I scrap together, my work space is always messy and hers is always neat! I am not sure how she does it? Somehow, I can still dig through the pile and find what I need.

I've learned that crops are a blast - beyond the scrapbooking, somehow we seem to sing, dance, laugh, cry, talk, create, and share our lives. It is a community of friends and a therapy session all rolled into one. It is good food - this crop came with a complete Christmas dinner! turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread, stuffing, veggies, cranberry pie, pumpkin pie (my favorite) and cheesecake - all homemade and delicious! The crops at my scrapbook store are a retreat away from the stresses of our lives, and most of all, they are FUN!!!

Look for a crop near you to meet some new friends and have a relaxing, fun day!!
MISSED you Sheila!!

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  1. I missed you too Maura! And everyone at Captured Moments. You are absolutely right...Tiffany and Tara put on the most wonderful crops I have ever been to. I always look forward to my yearly crop with everyone. I still need to make it there this year!


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