Wednesday, July 15

Ribbon Box

I thought that I would share an easy organizational tip for your ribbon. I used to keep mine all thrown together in a box. Every time I tried to pull out one ribbon, a tangled mess would follow. Than I would just stuff it all back in the box. I never really found a better way that worked for me until I re-spooled everything onto these wooden clothespins. And that is easy to do in those short bursts of spare time or while waiting for dinner to cook, watching TV or sitting on the deck.

Insert the end of the ribbon into one of those little slits and as you wrap the ribbon around the clothespin at an angle down and then back up, it will get tucked in. Fasten the end of the ribbon in place with a ball head pin. This type of storage also helps to smooth out any stubborn crease marks.

I don't sort mine by color, but you certainly could. I have also seen the ribbon clothespins stored in big glass jars. I still keep mine in a box but I find it so much easier to work with my ribbon now!

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