Tuesday, August 18

5 Questions--UPDATED

Do you scrapbook in the AM or PM?
Maura says: PM, sometimes a lot later than I thought I could stay up - interesting to see what you come up with in the wee hours...
Sheila says: Absolutely in the morning for me! I am an early bird-early to bed and early to rise and get crafting. I enjoy watching the sun come up and having the whole day ahead of me. I find it more inspiring and full of possibilities and I am definitely more creative first thing.

Coffee or Tea?
Maura says: Coffee is my staple drink, especially from fresh ground beans with a dollop of half and half, but Tea is my treat - especially Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey...a nice black tea with cream and sugar.
Sheila says: Definitely coffee for me. And definitely fresh ground beans also. My current favorites (besides the Sister’s Crafting Coffee of course) is Ole Black Magic and Obsidian from my local coffee houses.

What is your favorite type of project?
Maura says: My favorite is a challenge project - when someone limits what I am working with and I have to come up with an idea to make it work. Second fave I would say is altered items.
Sheila says: My favorite project is mini albums. I love being able to complete something in a short period of time. I keep them displayed on our library bookshelves or in a basket so that they can be picked up, looked through and enjoyed time and time again.

What are your favorite color combinations?
Maura says: Just about anything green; teal and brown; pink and brown; green, blue and purple
Sheila says: Maura is the bright colored crafter and I am the earthy colored crafter. Right now I am loving the kraft papers.

What is your favorite crafting tool?
Maura says: my Japanese awl - it has several size hole punches and can go anywhere!
Sheila says: my Genesis Paper Trimmer. It was expensive and I waited over a year to get it, but it is absolutely worth it!

If you feel like sharing your answers to these questions, feel free to add your comments - we'd like to get to know you better too!

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