Wednesday, August 5


Just thought I would say hello from the Starbucks near my Mom's. My son and I have been bringing his laptop down in the evening to get onto the Internet to check email and all since my mom doesn't have a computer anymore. It's weird to have to go someplace to use the computer when we get so used to having it around and available 24/7! We are sitting outside, it's sunny and probably in the low 80's. Lots of flowers blooming, traffic going by...tomorrow could well be in the 90's here and humid!! I am looking forward to a craft day with Sheila! Like she said, we'll be sharing more tomorrow.....Oh, yesterday in the pouring rain, we went to IKEA! Wow! What a store! So many ideas for DIY and scrapbook storage. I can't wait until the day I get to make a scrapbook room....

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