Wednesday, October 28

Maura's First Fiskateers Crop!

Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend an 8 hour Fisk-a-teers Crop. I had recently joined the Fisk-a-teers, but have yet to really figure out the website and what I am supposed to do, so I thought I should go, and of course, my scrapping buddy Michelle joined me!

We noticed a lot of scrappers dressed in orange and green, and since we didn't know we were supposed to wear those colors, we added orange and green ribbons to our ensembles for the day.

There were a LOT of giveaways at the crop! I
came home with a Fiskars border punch and stamp press, pins, a bumper sticker, lanyard, and more! Then, there were also giveaways that were either scrapbook stuff or orange or green items.

Well, guess what I won! - an orange whoopie cushion! I couldn't even get it blown up right to make it work, although I diligently tried to. We laughed so hard we cried! (I did find out at home that if you stick a straw in the opening and blow, it fills it up and works better...)

My friend Michelle won a scrapbooking kit (don't
you think she looks a little guilty?) , and I was jealous, because honestly, I thought, what the heck am I going to do with a whoopie cushion?
But, as you can see, it brought out my mischievous side! (and it's coming to all the crops from now on - beware!)

It really was a fun-filled crop, and I did get some projects done, but I think I probably laughed off about 5 pounds :). (I was a bit overtired from the night before, so that may have lent something to my crazy mood.)

*To bring this blog post to an end before I start rambling even more, in the lingo of the Fisk-a-teers, we had a "Fisk-a-fabulous" day!!


  1. First of all Maura... I noticed your meter is at 1002!! Congratulations!!!! Secondly, you are very Fiska-Funny! I love your article about the Fiskar Crop! The pictures of you and your Fiska-Friend and Fiska-ific!

  2. Tara,
    What can I say? Thanks for the Fiska -lations! Michelle and I plan to also be "Captured Momateers!" Thanks for checking our blog out - hearing from you made my day!

  3. So sorry I missed this one. Looks like you had a great time.


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