Tuesday, October 27

Maura's Wacky Calendar Class

I taught my "Wacky Calendar" class at Captured Moments Friday night and wanted to share some photos I took of my "students" hard at work on the project. The idea started when the store got some Jenni Bowlin calendars from last year, and they wanted a way to use them. That was how I came up with the idea of making a wacky calendar using weird and odd holidays for it. The next step was finding photos to go with the holidays, such as "waiting for the barbarians day" or "stick out your tongue day." I kept the design very simple - red, black and cream, with solids and polka dots, so the focus would be on the holidays and photos. Participants chose holidays to personalize their books and make them unique.

Pixie, from Hawaii joined us for the evening - she is the one who has traveled the farthest to one of my classes! We enjoyed sharing the evening with each other while creating a fun book.

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