Tuesday, November 17

Crop a Lot 2009

Just imagine....200+ women in a room scrapbooking 24/7! That should give you an idea of what my weekend was like at Crop a Lot in Saratoga Springs, NY. I can't believe I stayed up Friday night until 3 am! I did hear someone stayed up all night long. The way to get through the wee hours is to change into your PJ's early and get cropping. I did get some odd looks when I came out of the hotel elevator into a large, well-dressed group - just a bit embarrassing...

It is pretty amazing to see that many women scrapbooking at one time. There were even a few young daughters along for the experience. It was nice that each of them was recognized. We had a few tearful moments when some recognitions were being made - a woman who had a stroke at the crop 2 years ago returned: a woman who was documenting her fight with breast cancer, and another who had just been diagnosed. Events like this remind me that there also is a serious side to what we do and that is to also record the darker moments in our lives, not just the happy times. Whoever may be looking at what we have created in the future, needs to get the full picture, so don't forget to also scrap the tougher times.

I do admit I did more socializing apparently than working, because I really don't feel like I brought a lot home for 3 days of working. I did finish my Build a Book Album (so...how is yours coming along, Sheila?), made my cards to send to the soldiers, ATC's for a swap, a couple of classes, a page and a make and take. That left about 5 things on my list that I did not even get to! But, I got to play "scrap" bingo for the first time.

It sure was hard waking up Monday morning for work when the alarm went off...

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