Tuesday, November 10

Five Questions

Do you distress the edges of your paper?
Maura says: I just about always use ink to distress my papers. My usual choice is a dark brown ink, but sometimes I mix it up a bit. I like the way it defines the edge of the paper.
Sheila says: It totally depends on the project. Sometimes I am going for a clean, neat look so I leave it alone. I like the brown ink distressed look on some projects, but I really like to sand the edges of my papers to expose the white core underneath. I find that I sand a lot more than I use ink. I still have yet to find the perfect sanding tool though. Any suggestions or favorites of yours?

Which do you reach for more often - markers or color pencils?
Maura says: I use color pencils most often when I want to add some color to a card. One of my favorite techniques is to blend the colors with Gamsol, (odorless mineral spirits) so I get a watercolor look.
Sheila says: Definitely colored pencils and most definitely PrismaColor ones. I keep them within arms reach. I'm a big fan of the Gamsol technique also. I think Maura and I found it at a stamp convention we attended and we both bought it after seeing the demo. I find coloring with pencils very relaxing. Much more fun than markers I think.

Do you listen to music when you craft?
Maura says: I love to listen to music when I am crafting. I will either put in a cd, or go on the internet and "tune in" to WNKU - a station from Northern Kentucky University. I love the mix of music, and NPR, and it reminds me of being back in Cincinnati where I grew up (makes me think of Sheila, too). Sometimes, I will go in to Jango on the internet, where I have collected favorite songs to listen to. It's a free music site, and it's been a lot of fun finding old songs - a blast from the past!
Sheila says: I like music on iTunes when I am working on a new project. Maura turned me on to WNKU and I have to admit that that's about all I listen to now. I like the idea that maybe she is listening to the same music that I am as we work long distance. However, if I am working on assembly line items for my etsy shop, or multiple craft goodies for the neighbors or a type of project that is more assembly than thought, I like to put in a DVD of an old TV series that I never had a chance to watch and view those right on my laptop.

How do you organize your scrapbook paper?
Maura says: I used to have it organized by manufacturer, then reorganized it all by color. This works pretty well for me, but there are times I find it hard to figure out where to put it, if it is multi-colored. I also have found myself grouping some papers by manufacturer in a side basket - I think I must have some project in mind when I do that.
Sheila says: If it is a paper pack that is already coordinated like Cosmo Cricket or Basic Grey packs, I leave them in their packages and keep them together. Cardstock I keep organized by color. Patterned paper is a free for all. I have not found an organized system for patterns that works for me so I just keep it all together.

Right now, what is your favorite color combination to work with?
Maura says: Right now - red, black and cream/white combination. I think that combination is a classic!
Sheila says: Right now....anything kraft. I am currently looking for a good holiday combo and am getting excited to work with those papers.

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