Tuesday, December 8

Christmas and Coffee - a new twist

Several years ago, Sheila sent me this cute "scrapbook". Talk about thinking outside the box - this was thinking outside the cup!! I know I never thought of scrapbooking as more than photos and papers, journaling, etc. in a book, but I have learned to look at things with a new eye, thanks to my sister! I never would have thought of taking a Starbucks holiday cup, flattening it and sewing around the edges. Goes to show, almost anything can become a scrapbook!

She then made tags to fit inside, added photos and journaling on both sides, then embellished with felt flowers, brads and ribbon.

I am feeling the need to head out to Starbucks in search of some cups, and maybe a bit of java while I am there.

Another holiday idea, brought to you by Sheila and Maura!

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