Thursday, January 21

Christmas CD Book

A few years ago, Sheila and I created these CD books to commemorate a Christmas holiday we spent together. We started with a 3 pack of blank CD books from River City Rubberworks.

We then covered them with patterned paper, Tip - make the paper a bit larger than the cover (1/2 to 1"), fold it over and adhere. Connect them with solid cardstock in between to make a book - this will cover the bit of an edge from the pattern paper. Tip - run your bone folder along the edges of the book to make a crisp edge.

Add photos, rub ons, embellishments, tags, stamp words or designs, buttons, brads and more
to decorate it and make it your own. Put a button and loop enclosure on the covers, and loop closed with ribbon.

There you go! A simple book in which to display your holiday photos. So, if the December Daily idea is not ,your cup of tea you might enjoy making this CD book!

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