Thursday, January 28

Envelope Bags

Here is a quick, inexpensive way to make little treat bags. You already have the supplies on hand. All you need is an envelope. Any size, any color, any shape will do.

First seal the envelope. Then cut off a bit on one end. How much you cut will determine the height of your bag. You can use a decorative scissor if you want.

Score the same distance around the 3 closed edges or you can just fold in the sides without scoring.

Put one hand inside the bag. Use the other to push out a flat bottom for your bag. If you push down on the center crease, it forces the side folds to sort of buckle out also. Crease the bottom corners into triangles and adhere them with a glue dot, double stick tape or adhesive.

Crease the side folds to give them a bit more defined shape.

You can leave it open like I did , crease the top and fold it over or even punch two holes and thread a ribbon through to tie a bow. SO easy, quick and lots of ways to decorate them!

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  1. Sheila
    You NEVER cease to amaze me either!
    Awesome idea. Thanks for all your fun and innovative stuff! I hope you can join us someday soon for a scrapbooking weekend. I know you're with us in spirit.


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