Monday, January 25

So..What do You do at a Crop?

Well, sometimes you sew on buttons...for your friend, Michelle who found this fabulous green winter coat, and took you shopping because she knows that green is your favorite color!

We both got our coats at the Avenue, but they had a button problem - they fell off. I got a great deal on mine because most of the buttons were missing and I had to sew them on. Of course, Michelle's fell off too, and needed sewing. So, sometimes at a crop you sew buttons.

Of course you eat! ...and if it is a crop at Captured Moments, the food is wonderful! Tara and Tiffany always do a fabulous job with the meals, with help from their mother, Maria. We had salad, soup, chicken sandwiches, chocolate fondue, jerk chicken, Caribbean rice, key lime pie, coconut pie, banana cream pie, and cheescake. And that was not all. I had to photograph these green and orange sweet rice balls - they were like having rice pudding in a finger food format.

You crop or craft or make cards, or...really whatever you want to do, interspersed with a LOT of talking, laughing, and fun. We even played Bingo for prizes! I mainly worked on cards, and there will be some upcoming posts that I will share what I did.

Some days, you celebrate a friend's retirement, like we did for Colleen. I made a card that we signed and gave to her.

So, what do you do at a crop? Well, as you can see a little bit of everything, and whatever you feel like working on. It is always a wonderful day spent with friends!


  1. LOVE the green coats!! Perfect for the both of you. Thanks for sharing your day at the crop.

  2. Maura
    I look so forward to our cropping days. You certainly can sew one mean button! Thanks again for ALL you do for me, I couldn't ask for a better friend.


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