Tuesday, February 16

How Do You Celebrate Fat Tuesday?

No, I don't mean by eating a lot, although that tends to happen on this day. I mean, get in the Mardi Gras mood and celebrate!!! Think New Orleans, Carnivale, parades, green, purple and gold, the Saints....yes, there, you're getting into the mood!

Well, Sheila and I are in the mood to celebrate too! We have had our 2,000th blog hit!! WooHoo!! So, we have something to share with you..... one lucky winner will be getting some happy mail! Get ready to pucker up, 'cause some smooch and who knows what else might get thrown in with it....could be coming your way.

To further entice you to leave a comment, here is a bit more information on Smooch Ink by Clearsnap. Smooch are pearlized pigmented inks in a nail polish bottle. They can be used on paper, glass, cardstock, fabric, wood clay and more. I even found this great video tutorial by Suzanne Dean to share.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and share with us how you celebrated Fat Tuesday. If you have a creative idea to share about a card or scrapbook page with a Fat Tuesday theme, share that. If all you did was the mundane and ordinary on Fat Tuesday, share that. Get your name in for the drawing. We will use the random generator to select a winner. Entry deadline is end of day Tuesday February 23rd.


  1. Congratulations you guys. You do a great job. I celebrated Fat Tuesday by going to happy hour with friends. Don't forget colorful metallic bling on the Mardi Gras Pages.

  2. Hey Maura and Sheila,
    Congrats on your 2,000th hit! That is awesome. I love loooking for your updates. My fat tuesday was spent with my sweetie buying a new dishwasher, how awesome was that! We did have dinner at the Recovery Room that was awesome. Keep on bloggin. Ladies you are quite the inspiration. Smooches to you both.

  3. Hi Maura and Sheila I look forward to visiting your site everyday for tips, ideas and suggestions. I celebrated Fat Tuesday with my great neice Victoria scrapbooking then we went to Captured Moments for a lesson with Tiffany in aminal felting which was alot of fun. Who knew....

  4. Sheila and Maura
    :( sad to say I did not know it was Fat Tuesday (on Fat Tuesday)
    However, I love Smooch !!! :) I did Felt a Rabbit with our gal Tiff. Love to read your posts !!!! and thanks for all your sharing !!!! Hope to get some cards done ...with the smooch I have <3

  5. Hi Ladies... I was pretty much stuck at home in a bit of a snow storm. I wanted to get out to Captured Moments to join in on the felting lesson, but didn't want to chance the drive. So, I stayed home with my sweetheart (daughter Georgia, in case you needed clarification!) and played and played! Congratulations on your blog hits! Your blog is really fun! Thanks for sharing, everything!


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