Thursday, April 8

Material Girls

Here you go...a sneak peek at the project that Sheila and I are working on. Sheila got these great kits from Paisleys and Polka Dots for us to work on together while visiting. As you can see, the kits definitely have a sewing or "material" theme to them. I am having flashbacks of home ec classes in junior and senior high school - remember those sewing projects we had? I still to this day remember the fashion show we had where we had to wear our outfits and go across the stage for the of the reasons I do not have a lot of fond memories of that time of my life.

The kits have a vintage look to them, and we are thinking about finding some old photographs to copy and put in. We have the pieces of the project done, and will share the finished projects long distance, so keep your eyes open for part two of the Material Girl project!

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