Tuesday, May 25

Don't Get Voted Off........the island that is!

Saturday, I went to a fifteen hour crop at Captured Moments. The theme of the crop was "Survivor". We each received an immunity idol to wear in our goody bag, and a bit into the crop we each got a bag with a bandanna and a puzzle piece. Our bandanna color denoted our team, and as you can see, I was on the blue team. I wanted to share some photos of the variety of ways we wore our colors. (Thanks for modeling, Erica!)

Our first challenge was to find our teammates and put our puzzle together. Go blue team!! We won that challenge, so won the right to be first in line for lunch and dinner. You know on Survivor, it's all about getting the good food - well, it's like that at Captured Moments too!

Another challenge was a progressive page contest. We had one hour and a bag of items to use on our page. Each team member had to do a part of the page and pass it on to the next person on her team. We also had to figure out our word, and put that on the page. Wow, that hour flew by! It is a challenge to figure out something to do in about 10 minutes, but all the pages turned out quite well.

The team that won the page challenge, won fancy drink cups to celebrate their victory.

"Survivors" were also challenged to NOT receive any cell phone calls or they would lose points in the game. I can tell you a lot of people were notifying their usual callers to not call them. Bet
they were wondering what was going on, because there are more cell phone calls going on at a crop than anywhere else I go. :)

Another challenge was to eat or not eat the candy and save the wrappers - we did not know until the end which way would be better. Each team kept track of the pages they created at the crop and a tally was kept. By the end of the night, some teams had made over 75 pages!!! Wow, I would have a hard time finishing a few, but some women get 30 pages done at a crop. What am I doing?? oh, maybe talking, and... guess that is why I don't get that much done.

Well, at the end of the night, one team got the booby prize from the Tiki Goddesses because they made too many cell phone calls. They got a container with a bug in it. Yum! Another team won a cup with teeth in it - oh, no, not pretty ones, these were ugly! And, the best team, Pink Team, if I remember right, won a cool green Tiki glass and some chocolate.

One of the special treats at the Survivor Crop was making s'mores on the grill. Colleen sure enjoyed her very first s'more - sticky melted marshmallow, chocolate bar and graham crackers!

Thanks Tara and Tiffany for such a fun crop at a time it was really needed!


  1. Those girls sure know how to put on a good crop! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and enjoyed yourself. I'm so glad that you did and that you shared with us! Feels (almost) like I was right there with you.

  2. Sheila, did you recognize my hand on the blue tiki drink? It was so much fun! A day filled with scrapbooking is a good day indeed!

  3. wow, that looks like it was a blast!!! how do I get on THAT guest list? lol.


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