Thursday, May 13


I have been working on this project lately-

It is an old printer's tray that my husband's grandfather had actually used. I wanted it in order to do this-

Now it is hanging in the craft room and displays my favorite wood mounted rubber stamps. I love it! My next project is going to be altering some wooden letters that spell out a word and place them at the very top. Any suggestions?


  1. I just bought one of these type drawers from an antique show a few weekends ago in order to do the same thing with it! For the time being, I'm actually using it as a display tray to show off my pendant necklaces at a few craft shows I'm doing. I think the letters I'd like to collect would spell the word "create" or "create art." Have fun!

  2. Tabitha,

    Great minds must think alike! Maura saw the tray and I think she's a bit jealous. I may have to keep an eye out for another. "Create" was one of my ideas also. Maura suggested "inspire". I'll post when I do it.

  3. I also have one of these trays that I purchased at a open market in Vermont a few years ago. I have a collection of minatures and thimbels I display in mine. Think I will have to keep my eye open for another one. Love your idea Sheila.


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