Monday, July 19

My Book of Lists

A long time ago, Creating Keepsakes offered online classes. I loved them! Maura and I both took a few of them and we still refer back to the completed projects for ideas. This Book of Lists is a great topic for a simple mini book.

Take a couple of topics that interest you and include your lists. Mine includes things that bring me joy, things about me, things I like to do for fun, traditions, places I like to travel, and more.

The basic structure of this mini book is 12"x12" cardstock. Cut it in half so that you have two 6"x12" pieces and then just fold those in half. You end up with 6"x6" pages. I used plastic index tabs on the edges, added some patterned papers and embellishments. For the journaling, I printed out the lists onto cardstock, cut them into strips, inked around the edges to highlight them and then just adhered them as well as a photo or two. Punch holes, add binder rings and you are done.

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  1. Sheila, once I get back up to speed, I will have to find my book of lists and share that with some photos. This was a fun project to do!


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