Sunday, August 22

The Color Project

Sheila and I have decided to do something we haven't done in a long on a long distance project and share it with you. The idea we have come up with is color. The interpretation of that is up to each of us - the colors in our lives, our favorite color, the moods of color...however we personally interpret this. We are leaving it wide open - it could be a mini book, an altered object, scrapbook pages, fabric, paper, metal, acrylic. We will post periodically and keep you up to date on just how each of us are going to do this project, which will be due the end of September.
Are any of you up to the color project challenge? If you are, post a comment and let us know. You can email us photos of your project by the end of September, and we will share them on the blog.
Hmmm...what do you think, Sheila? Perhaps some rewards are in order if we have any challengers!


  1. Maura, great idea to post this because now we'll be held accountable! I'm looking forward to what we both come up with for our color project. It feels good to be back to our long distance crafting projects. I've missed it!

  2. Color - what a wonderful challenge!
    Count me in too! And, Sheila, isn't it time for you to come and crop with us?? There's an anniversary crop coming up that would be awesome if you could attend.....

  3. Sheree-so glad that you are joining us in the color challenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to email us the photos so that we can post them along with ours. And's been too long since I've been to a crop, but it's always nice to see them here on the blog from Maura (who I think hasn't missed one yet). I'm always there in spirit!

  4. All right Sheree! Glad to have you join us in this challenge. Can't wait to see what you create!


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