Monday, August 16

Opinions Needed Please

OK...I know that Maura loves her ATG Tape Dispenser. So, I am thinking about purchasing one. I cannot decide on which one I should get. It's a big step for me as I love my little adhesive dot tape runner. But I am spending a lot of money on the refills and they just don't seem to last. I finally realized this when I ran out of tape way before I even was finished with a simple little project. So, if you have one of these, please tell me why I need one and which one. Or why I don't need one if that is the case.

Maura, feel free to add your two cents in here also. OK, here's my two cents... I love the 1/2" for a couple of reasons - it is the right width for mini books which I love to make, and it lasts a long time - love that 60ft. roll! It also has the adapters for the other sizes of adhesive. BUT, I have recently come across this new pink one by the same company - it is the 1/4 inch, comes with the gun and 2 rolls of tape for under $30. That beats the high cost of the "industrial" ones we have. As an added bonus, part of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Whichever one you get, Sheila, I know you will love it! Maura

dispenses 1/2", 3/4" and 1/4" with add'l adapter
only dispenses 1/4" tape


  1. Sheila,

    I have the 1/4 inch tape runner and I love it. I use it for everything. I can even adhere thin ribbon to a project. The only downfall is the refills only come in 36 feet compared to the the 1/2" runner which has refills of 60 feet. So I have a tendency to run out of tape sooner than my fellow scrappers. Hope this helps with your decision.

  2. Wow Sheila this is an awesome find! I love it. There's a website that will let you preorder the gun and 2 rolls of tape for $21.50 it's
    Thanks for finding this.

  3. I have the 1/4 inch but went I first started I got the 1/2 inch. I like the 1/4 better because it gets into smaller areas better ( better for mini books) and when you think about do you really need 1/2 worth of tape on the back of your pictures and photos mats among other things. 1/4 isnt any less sticky so it holds just as well as it's "cousin". I also feel the 1/4 rolls on a lot nicer it's doesn't run as bulky I guess is what I mean. The 1/2 inch also wastes when you decide to use it on something smaller for example a 1/4 strip of paper. You waste a 1/4 of glue on your work surface that you have to clean up and it's sometimes a pain to clean off your layout (cause some of it will end up on the very edge of you strip). If you want to use more tape with the 1/4 you can you use more, but if you want to use less with the 1/2 it's very difficult is what I'm trying to say. Also I switched a 1/2 inch gun over it is kind of a pain so I don't think you would want to switch out the adaptors all the time. On top of all that I'm sure there is a price point difference as far as dollars per roll.

  4. Thanks Ginger! That was some great information you shared and has me rethinking my 1/2" gun now.

  5. I used to work at Memory Lane in Clifton park we carried the ATG and refills. I had the 1/2 inch and ended up converting it to the 1/4 inch and never turned back. I am very happy with it! I am happy to see you ended up getting you ATG it's just so much better then other adhesive. Your not changing the tape every hour or constantly buying more. I think I may use a roll a month if that. It depends on how much paper crafting I'm doing.


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