Tuesday, September 28

Views from the Anniversary Crop - Part 1

Saturday was Captured Moments Anniversary Crop. Tiffany and Tara had to use a microphone at the crop since the room was so big! Of course, once Tiffany got comfortable with using it, she did not want to give it up. Her daughter had fun calling out the ticket numbers - a real natural! Oh, by the way, see that gray t-shirt Tiffany has on? She designed those for all the workers - love the handwriting!! I think you need to design one for Captured Moments.
Of course, there were a lot of photo opportunities at the crop which Nancy took advantage of!
A bit of family time during the crop, and sharing the new granddaughter. One of the things I really admire about Tara and Tiffany and all of their extended family is the true sense of family they all exude to each other, and to us. They all pitched in during the week ahead of the crop and that day. "Aunt Elaine" - the cookies were fabulous - don't forget to give Maria the recipes! and Nick, the meatballs and sauce - delicious!! THANK YOU everyone!!
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Our friend Sheree shared the fabulous crop location with T&T and got all the details worked out on her end. Now, don't you just think she looks like the "Queen of the Crop" in this photo? Thanks Sheree!


  1. Love the pictures!!! The Captured Moment Family did an awesome job.

  2. This makes me want to experience the day all over again!


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