Thursday, October 21

Halloween Spooktacular Class

I just love it! Look at all these creative "spirits" who have eagerly anticipated the beginning of the Halloween Spooktacular class that I recently taught at Captured Moments. Notice how neat the table is at the beginning of class.
Arleen, Lynda and Michelle working at the "play" table. I demonstrated some techniques for everyone to use in their book - painting, stamping, paper flowers (see previous post), and cardboard creations. The table was set up for everyone to come and use at their own pace, and I gave individual assistance as needed.

Miriam is busy creating her beautiful version of the "Halloween Spooktacular." The fun thing about teaching a class like this, is I created kits for everyone, that were similar, but what each person creates is unique!
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Later in the class, you can see how the creative juices have taken over by how messy the table is getting! I think everyone had a fun and creative day - I know I did! Thanks ladies for a great day!!


  1. Great time! Thank you Maura!! I'm truly amazed at the amount of time and effort you put into this. Your attention to detail is awesome as evidenced by the step by step instructions provided for each page. You truly have the most wonderful gift of teaching and sharing. As the song goes....thank you for being my friend!

  2. Thank you Sheree! I really enjoy doing this. and...thank YOU for being my friend! I have found some wonderful friends through the creative side of life.


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