Monday, November 8

Great Mini Album Kits!

Paisleys and Polka Dots offers some really creative mini album kits and two page layouts. Sheila and I have made these before and they are great kits.  Each kit includes everything you need, and it is all cut to size.  The project is perfect for those times when you just want to create, but not have to figure it all out yourself.

I thought their Christmas Tinsel and Twig kit would make a fabulous December Daily, and was thinking of getting it for mine!  (I know, Sheila, I have to create my own...I will, I will!)

Both of us really like the company, the kit designs, and instructions and packaging - it couldn't be easier.  Check them out!

Sheila here...I just have to add that these kits are wonderful. The attention to detail shows on each and every page. I love to work with a kit because they are perfect when I want to create but don't want to have to think a lot about it. Just sit down with a few tools and my coffee. All the work is done for me. But, if you are like Maura, who I think likes to take things in her own direction, the kit works also as a great jumping off point. She will end up with something totally unique to her style, while mine looks just like the kit instructions. So, a kit is really for anyone if you like the style to begin with. I don't think anyone would be disappointed in these kits. Great share Maura!

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  1. Maura,

    Well, I don't see any reason why this kit couldn't be "incorporated" into your December Daily--the different shaped pages would make a great addition to any scrapbook. If I didn't already have three (yes, three) holiday kits stored away from previous years, I was going to jump on this one too. Great minds think alike!


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