Sunday, November 14

Where in the World?

Sheila and I have this little site meter at the bottom of our blog page which gives us some feedback on viewers of our blog.  One of the things I enjoy doing is checking it from time to time to see where in the world our viewers are checking the blog from. Our faithful viewers always show up in New York, Ohio, Kansas, and we keep adding some new states from time to time - Michigan, Texas, Oregon, California, and more...and then every once in awhile, one pops up from Canada, Great Britain, Spain, South America, Russia, Indonesia...WOW! It's fun for us to see how many people around the world are interested in scrapbooking, stamping and crafts!  Pretty neat!

Suggestions and comments are always welcome.
A huge thank you goes out to our viewers for checking us out from time to time! 

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