Tuesday, January 18

Living a Creative Life - a few thoughts

I was thinking about how to live a creative life, and while surfing the web, came across this website, zenhabits. Interestingly, two somewhat opposing ideas were presented, solitude and participation as both being necessary elements to creativity.

So, I got to thinking about it and here are my thoughts.  Solitude - those times we need to be alone to think and mull over ideas, those times we need the quiet to reflect, those times there are no distractions to what we are creating, solitude is being alone, but not lonely.  Participation - discussing ideas with others, working on projects with others, sharing ideas and know how, being open to new ideas, soaking in all the creative energy from those around you.

After mulling it over, I think these ideas do fit a creative life.  I love my quiet times, especially the few times I get the house to myself.  These are the times I can accomplish a lot, my times of solitude.  I also love the times I get to share ideas and creative energy with my sister Sheila through the blog and when we can get together, and crops and classes with my friends here at home.  I think there is "harmony" in these ideas.

What are your ideas on living a creative life?  We would love to have you to share with us!

Funny how the harmony of life works.  When I look at this photo on today's post, it represents what is actually happening again today - snow day! More time to create!

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