Sunday, January 1

One Little Word for 2012

Start out the new year with "one little word".  It's a puzzle to figure out the word for the year, but it can guide you through the next twelve months.

This is an idea from Ali Edwards (be sure to check out her website here to get more details). Sheila and I have been doing this for the past couple of years and you can check out posts from past years HERE.

So, after much pondering, I think my word for 2012 will be "BELIEVE". Belief encompasses acceptance, expectation, faith, confidence, trust...I believe I can become a better person in 2012; I believe I can improve; I believe life will be better for my family; I believe I can accept challenges in my life, both personal and creative....and grow as a person.

Sheila word for 2012 is CULTIVATE: to promote or improve, to refine. There are different aspects of my life...crafting included..that are just waiting to be cultivated.

What's your one little word for 2012? Have a blessed and healthy new year!

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  1. Cultivate...what a great word for you Sheila...makes me think of your garden too!


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