Sunday, January 2

One Little Word

Last year, Sheila and I were inspired by Ali Edward's project, One Little Word, and we each created our own and shared it here.

Maura's word for 2010 was "evolve".  It is a process, so I am still evolving, and when I looked at how I thought the word would work for me, I discovered that it "evolved" in different ways than I planned....I still have weight to lose, but both sons are employed now (so grateful for that)...some things came to fruition, and some are still evolving. So even though the year is over, my word will continue into 2011.

Time to think of my new word for 2011.  I am still feeling the need to find balance in my life with the many demands we all face, and was headed in that direction in my thoughts, but, I think the better word for me is harmony. So there it is, my word for 2011 - HARMONY. To me, harmony evokes balance, finding serenity in the everyday life we lead, physical and emotional well-being, and even the harmony of music, which I love. I see harmony in the creative spirit which I hope to continue to nourish in the coming year.

I wish for us all a creative, fulfilling and harmonious year for 2011!

Sheila here...well, they say that less is more and that is my word for 2011-LESS. I want to have less clutter in my work space,  make less waste and more recycling, make do with less (using up supplies I already have), spend less time on the computer and more time creating and sharing here on the blog and so on....I know that if I focus on LESS I will have MORE of what I really need.

So, what is your one little word for the new year?


  1. Collen here. This year I will be caring for my grandson Charlie. I think my word for 2011 is "Enrich". Improve on aspects of my life. Being open for what there is to come and passing that on to family and friends..

  2. aahh, good word Colleen - your life will definitely be enriched with your new grandson!


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