Thursday, February 24

Craft it Forward

I saw an announcement in the latest Scrapbooks etc. magazine for a monthly challenge that benefits a local charity of your choice and thought I would share.
Each month they issue a challenge to make a project including downloadable project details and instructions. You make whatever you'd like using the ideas-and your scraps-and then donate them to a nonprofit in your community. They even have suggestions of charities HERE.

You can share your creations in their gallery online for a chance to win money for yourself as well as your local charity, but in this case, I think everyone is already a winner. What a great way to brighten someone's day and what a great reason to craft!

Here's what the January and February projects were:
January-card idea
February-lollipop covers
More details are HERE.

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  1. Sheila, great ideas...and there are so many ways to "craft it forward" that we can even do in our own communities.


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