Monday, February 7

SMASH video - check out this idea!

I love this!! What a great place to keep all my ideas.  What a great place to put all my "junk drawer" odds and ends I have saved for scrapbooking.  What a great idea to take along on a trip and document it as you go  - adding in tickets, pictures, doodles, notes, anything.  Such a great idea!  I can't wait - April can't come soon enough!!

You can check out the Smash blog here. Also, check out a great review with photos of some of the extras on CraftCritique here.


  1. Maura,

    I LOVE these! I stumbled across the video also and now I am seeing them all over the scrapbooking sites. Looks like they are already a big hit! I cannot wait for these to ship--so many possibilities for them. Simple concept but executed so well with all the "extras".

  2. Thanks Maura,

    Always finding great new things..

    LOVE it,,,


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