Sunday, February 20

Story Jar Idea and Downloads

Maura and I both came across this great download from Ormolu and wanted to share the idea. You can print out the journaling strips, jot down ideas for stories that you want to scrapbook, store them all in a "story jar" and then when you are ready to scrapbook, pull one out as a starting point for your layout that day. The idea is to remember the story until you have the time to get it onto paper.
photos from Ormolu
Now, while that is a great idea and I love jars (especially all decorated up and such), I can totally see using the journaling strips in a little mini book all their own! And how cute would these be on the cover?
Adding this to my "list of things I want to make one day."

Look for the free downloads at the end of the post HERE.

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  1. Thanks Sheila - this is a neat idea, and I LOVE the free download!! Thanks Ormolu!


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