Wednesday, March 2

Maura and Sheila in Blogland Adventure!

The "blogland adventures" continue for two crafting sisters.  Sheila and Maura were asked to be guest bloggers on "Crafty Life and Style". A few years ago, we met JoDee, one of the blog authors, at a crop that Sheila and I went to at Captured Moments. We shared a table and good times and laughs over creating.  I seem to remember a little story JoDee told us about setting up photos with her children in which she would put on outfits of a certain color that would match what she wanted, or catching them doing something cute, and setting it up all over again in order to get photos - I think it might have been eating popsicles....Mosey on over and check out this website - not only will you learn a little bit about us, but you can see a variety of creative ideas on this site - from inspired recipes, to photography name it, and they seem to have it.  Check them (and us) out! We are so excited! We'll be featured this week and next and will be sure to point you in the right direction from here. Stay tuned.


  1. Yippee!! hehe- yep- I for sure have my camera at all times to capture the moments! Speaking of- I need to get to a crop!

  2. Yes, Crafty Girl! It's time we see you at a crop again! All those photos need pages :)


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