Monday, April 18

Crop N Care Winner!

Sheree was a winner at the Crop N Care fundraiser for ovarian cancer we attended this weekend. Sheree had her eye on the donation I made for the event, and you can see how happy she is with it.  She has plans to add photos of her grandson and hang it in her office.  I am glad you will have this to enjoy, Sheree - I know it's going to a "good home"!!


  1. Congratulations Sheree!!!! Sorry I missed all the fun.

  2. We missed you too Lynda! It's always a fun time to get together with friends. From the moment Maura started working on this project - I wanted it!!!! I'm so glad I 'won' it!!!!

  3. Sheree, Congratulations on winning Maura's project. It will look wonderful in your office. A great project for a great cause.


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