Friday, April 29

Shout Out to Captured Moments!

I am just amazed at the talent the two sisters at Captured Moments have! They continually come up with creative projects, ideas, beautiful works of art using paper.  Tiffany and Tara are a constant source of inspiration for those of us lucky enough to get to their store. For those unable to travel the distance, they have a website and blog full of their unique inspiration. Check it out!

They have been redesigning their store space ever since returning from CHA last year.  One of the newest additions is this wall art that Tiffany created inside a large frame. I love the glimpses into another world in this.  It is full of little treasures.

One of the best things is the use of recycled materials (think Earth Day!).  Often the things that we throw away can turn into the coolest ideas.  I love how she used corrugated cardboard to create the "shadow box" effect.  The design can be configured any way, any size you want.

So, next time you go to throw something away, just look at it again and see if it has a new purpose in your crafting.  Remember the gum box Sheila did? I am finding more and more ideas for some of that "junk"!

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