Monday, May 9

Mini Notepads

I made some quick and easy notepads using up more of my stash.
I cut some lined and graph papers to 3" x 4 1/4", some thinner chipboard backing to the same size and some pretty patterned papers to 2" x 3".
Staple the papers, I used 20 in each notepad, to the backing. Actually I learned after the first one that the staples should really be almost an inch down instead to hold them together better.
I added some detail with my sewing machine just for fun.
Score the patterned papers in half at 1". Fold.
Put strong adhesive on the backs and adhere to your stapled pads.
Embellish as you wish by using what you have in your stash. There's always a use for a pretty little notepad!


  1. Cute! and a great way to use up old school paper. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. You never told me you had a sewing machine. I should put you to work.


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